Starsek Devlog #1 - The start of an Odyssey

Starsek Devlog #1 - The start of an Odyssey

We need to start somewhere...

Welcome to a series of development logs for my indie game named Starsek. Today I will introduce you to the overall game idea, and the current state of my brain.

What is Starsek?

Starsek is a 2D space simulator where you control spaceships and can take part of the universe doing multiple tasks.

Players will be able to join the universe and write their destiny in a wide of professions, such as:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Explorer
  • Salvager
  • Miner
  • Industrialist
  • Transport (Cargo)
  • Probably more coming...

You can focus on more than one profession, but in the early game is not encouraged at all.

How does it differ from other alternatives (e.g. Eve Online)?

First of all, Starsek will be completely offline (at first). Also it is a 2D game developed by a single person, so we cannot really compare such products, but I will lie if I say this game is not inspired by such an amazing piece of interactive software. Eve Online has been a great game with a very deep player-based economy, the only problem I see is that is completely pay-to-win and 100% PvP, and those are deal-breaking factors for players that just want to enjoy the game without being forced to pay, and die (and lose everything they've worked for). And I'm not saying is a bad thing, I'm just saying Eve players love to kill and die, over, and over again.


Starsek target audience is Sci-fi geek players that enjoy the infinite wonders of the universe, where they have a strong feeling of belonging to an ever-expansive universe through the many professions and real-time live events (on that later).

In the long-term, I would love to allow players to do PvP in a scoped environment where they choose their own risk and rewards, and not force them to do so to keep playing.

My only goal at this point is to finish a stable release as an offline game, then I will start adding online capabilities, if possible.

Some thoughts

I'm aware this is a complex, large, and probably never-ending project for one single developer, but I want to give it a go, my inner player is begging for this.

There is a TON of work before starting coding, I have so many lore ideas floating around my mind right now, such as service providers which are NPC companies players will compete against (commodities, shipbuilders, industrialism, etc), factions that have specific bonuses for different professions, sectors, planets, and so so much more, I need to start writing down this ideas and put them somewhere so they start to make sense.


Thank you if you read until here, I will be posting devlogs as soon as I can with news, this is just starting, hopefully, we will talk again.

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